12 July 2010

Le Cookie Quotidien: Fork shown for scale.

Alex Israel writes in about one of my standby's, the prodigious chocolate chip megacookie from Le Pain Quotidien (a.k.a. overpriced fake french place with awkward banquet table, loud babies, and free Nutella if you know to ask for it):

Le Pain's chocolate chip cookie is, in a word: huge (five cookies in one, at least). Other words I'd use to describe it: thin, crispy, and of course, organic. I feel that I too often face the "fork" in the cookie road: thin vs. thick (which often translates into enough vs. not enough to satisfy a cookie craving). At Le Pain, this regrettable binary dissolves into a kind of perfect cookie compromise: thin and giant. Goodbye fork--Hello cookie!

"Le Pain" is for cookies, and that's good enough for me!

Well then it's good enough for me too, dude.

1 comment:

  1. You probably have had these because they in pretty much every grocery store across NYC, but you should try Tate's cookies if you haven't. They are like Le Pain's but taste kind of caramel-y. I always have a hard time choosing between chocolate macadamia and chocolate chip.