08 September 2010

NYFW: Day Six/Post Five, The Countdown Begins

Okay guys. The big night is almost upon us. In less than 3 days, it's Fashion's turn to shine. It's The taking of Fashion, 1, 2, 3! Nobody puts Fashion in the corner! Fashion just wants to have fun! Here's looking at you, Fashion! Fashion, you're a star!

Okay, stopping that now. As you all probably know by now, this Friday is Fashion's Night Out. And how are we celebrating at Band of Outsiders? With a COOKIE, duh. But, wait...not just ANY cookie. A very, very special cookie. A cookie to end all cookies. One singular cookie sensation (sorry, last one).

Christina Tosi, aforementioned Level 8 cookie thetan, has concocted an exclusive cookie treat for the night - the Gold Gilt Gangster:

The ingredients of this cookie will remain a mystery, but this much I can tell you now: Ms. Tosi will be only be making 113 of these little buggers, and after Friday will NEVER MAKE THIS COOKIE RECIPE AGAIN. As a means of proof to all of your jealous friends that you are in fact one of the lucky 113, with your purchase of the Gangster you will become one of 113 proud owners of this:

That's right: a one time, exclusive taste sensation and a t-shirt featuring a stuffed blue animal with googly eyes wearing a bow tie and mauling a cookie could be yours in less than 3 short days. This is all happening here, where we'll be with our buds at Opening Ceremony from around 6pm - 12pm. You can read more about all of the details here.

Nicole will be manning the fort while I troll the lobby in a scuba mask, spraying innocent bystanders with a water pistol filled with Drakkar Noir. We thought it would really round out things to somehow incorporate a cookie monster costume, perhaps on a slightly chubby small child, but a quick google search yielded this:

Which is just creepy.

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