31 January 2010

Marina Del Cookie

Dave Franco reports from our Spring look book shoot in the Marina:

(Minor bag malfunction.)

30 January 2010

Downward Facing Cookie

Left the office for a company lunch last Thursday and on the way back we made a quick stop at Golden Bridge for cookies. Golden Bridge is to Yoga in L.A. what a Mega Church is to Jesus in, well, L.A.

Full disclosure: I hate yoga. This is primarily because I suck at it. Needless to say, you'd be hard pressed to find me there in patchouli paradise if it weren't for trusty Nicole, who swears by their chocolate chip cookie.

So, here we are at the counter:

Maybe it's just me, but it's not the most JOYFUL row of cookies. Wheat free! Vegan! Yipee! Anyway, I go in for my gluten-free choco chip (right, foreground):

Now, I don't know what "gluten" is exactly, but I suspect there's a direct correlation between it and a little something I like to call "flavor". On a positive note, the texture was awesome. Chewy like soft caramel without being sticky, and full of super doughy craters, I finished the damn thing before I even knew it.

Namaste, Nicole.

27 January 2010


Stopped by Starbucks this afternoon for an iced coffee (yes, people, you read right: ICED. Los Angeles is a special place in the winter) and immediately noticed this:

OUTRAGEOUS, huh? Fine, you've got me. Now explain yourself:

Oh, Natalie. I do appreciate the effort, but you've got to do better than that. I've tasted it by this point and it's nothing more than a decent oatmeal raisin cookie with, like, 50 too many raisins. Yuck.

For some reason, it also brings to mind what that red headed guy from thirtysomething would look like if he were a cookie:

Wait, wasn't he also Poindexter in Revenge of the Nerds?

This cookie IS outrageous.

For Your Cookie

A live report and photo feed from Bettina Korek at the Tower Bar:

"Ice cream sandwhich at the sunset tower. This is a very good use of chocolate chip cookies. It's been on the menu a month and, according to the waiter, has surpassed chocolate cake in popularity. Very into this."

Clearly, B. Enjoy.

25 January 2010

Koo Koo Doodles

What do super tasty, marginally healthy roasted chicken dinners with yummy sides of mac and cheese, roasted garlic potatoes, and...err, can I get two helpings of mac and cheese please?...have to do with cookies, let alone SNICKERDOODLES? In this case, I say WHO CARES? Koo Koo Roo offers up a splendidly buttery take on the classic doodle that almost usurps the need for a chicken dinner altogether. Light on the cinnamon, heavy on the dairy, they bake these to premature, doughy perfection. As with any franchise cookie, one has to expect a certain level of inconsistency, but that's nothing a simple middle-cookie-touch-test can't help overcome. I'll take two please.

24 January 2010

Cookie Monster: Take One.

September 2009, NYC.
Band of Outsiders x Momofuku Thai Cookie.
More on them and that later.

18 January 2010

Cookie Collab: The New Taste in Space

Pepperidge Farms x Star Wars.

17 January 2010

Jacques Cookie

Three dimensional, circular shaped Rorschach test or totally awesome blend of buttery shortbread and not-too-dark dark chocolate?

You decide. Click here to order.

"Me, I like the two kinds of cream inside."

The Good, The Bad, and the Cookie

The allure and romance of Italy is completely lost on me. Granted, I'm there almost once a month for pure work so a certain level of jaded is to be expected. Also, I'm oddly not much of a foodie (barring obvious cookie obsession) and just don't get all that excited about local Italian food and the idiosyncratic distinctions from one boring town to the next. On a recent night out in Treviso, my Italian production partners took me to one of those local restaurants that are apparently "the best in the town, amoré!" but somehow always look like the lobby of a Howard Johnson's. This one did stand out for it's "meat truck" (let's save that for another blog) and a delicious trio of almond biscotti-style cookies served for dessert. Hard and crunchy but somehow light and easy, these little guys almost made me want to go back to this craphole.

"Keep your eye on the cookie, kid."

Keebler Elves, 1980.

16 January 2010


The Jews tend to excel at most things they attempt, which seems to have caused them (us!) a world of hurt for, like, THOUSANDS of years now. Cookies have never been our strong suit, though. These bright blue buggers come to us via Alex Israel, a friend and cookie blog correspondent, who has this to say:

"My mom Lonnie has been whipping up these basic sugar cookies in festive Hanukkah shapes (menorah, driedel, star of david) for as long as I can remember. They go very well with Latkes, and I always try to find the ones with the crispier burnt edges. This year I recalled them tasting especially good--but I have a feeling that I say the same thing every year. These cookies just might be the 3rd miracle of Hanukkah."

Mazel Tov, Mrs. Israel.

15 January 2010

Where the Wild Cookies Are

A friend of a friend sent these in when she heard about my master plan for the Cookie blog:

Alright, YUM. These puppies were like an entire meal in a cookie, yet I somehow ate about 10 of them in under 3 minutes. Good sign.