03 February 2011

Silent Cookie

I totally let the holidays go by without checking in, so before the next important holiday rolls around I want to give a quick shout out to:

1) Cousin Cheryl from East Canton, who sent her annual Christmas tin of heaven.

I had grand plans to conduct a taste test in the studio to determine if the different colors actually taste different. I can never tell.

Anyway, it never happened 'cause I ate them all first.

2) Bettina, who made the drive to the desert.

We picked up this Starbucks sugar cookie on the way and had more fun playing with it than eating it:

3) The Parker, my favorite place to stay in Palm Springs and possibly anywhere. This is what you do when you're there:

4) Room Service Choco Chips (with garnish). YUM.

5) Pies. There was a big push for pies at the Parker - mini pies, pie shakes, pie pies, all types of pies. I decided that the mini pies were essentially cookies with icing and gooey insides and dived in.

No regrets.

1 comment:

  1. you ARE A COOKIE! sweet and fun and just GREAT!!!!! Yummyfun, clare crespo